Muriel balensi

Purple Bracelet


Material: Glass
Color: Purple and pink
Care: Avoid contact with water
Size: 21cm
Lead time: Currently available

Muriel Balensi is a 
French born and Venice based artist. She uses a technique that dates from the 19th century: she layers glass, colour and light and imbues each piece with conscious energy.
She considers each piece a microcosm of the beauty in the world. Muriel can almost hear the sound of the glass in her soul. 
Muriel and her work are considered part of "The Art of Venetian Glass Beads", a practice that comes under the Immaterial Heritage classification granted by UNESCO in January 2021.

Red Bracelet is an hand-made unique piece with Murano glass beads using the “Perle Sommerso” technique, which consists of submerging colored beads to create a multi layered effect.


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