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French-Lebanese artist Flavie Audi manipulates glass to imagine a utopian speculative geology. For Audi, glass, omnipresent in our technical present, signifies the tension between the tangible and virtual. Audi questions how we experience a reality whose contours are ever-changing in the digital age. Audi graduated from the architectural association and holds a MA from the Royal College of Arts, where she specialized in glass, though her practice has expanded to include mixed media and collaborations. Her sculpture has been exhibited widely in the world (Venus Over Manhattan, Nilufar Gallery, Tristan Hoare, Corning museum of glass, to name a few).

"Le Vase Communiquant"

The name? “It just came like a flash,” Audi recalls. Inspired by the novel by Surrealist André Breton Les Vases Communicants, or The Communicating Vessels (1932), a book that had been sitting on...

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Flavie Audi

French-Lebanese artist Flavie Audi manipulates glass to imagine a utopian speculative geology ...

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