Muriel Balensi

Muriel Balensi is a French born and Venice based artist. She felt called to Murano and to work with glass. Glass is a source of inspiration, escape and discovery for her. She has created a particular style of bead making consisting of arabesques, calligraphy, micro worlds and aquariums of dreams. Muriel and her work are considered part of "The Art of Venetian Glass Beads", a practice that comes under the Immaterial Heritage classification granted by UNESCO in January 2021.
Under this classification the knowledge know how and the artisans who work in this way are recognized and protected by UNESCO.

Muriel Balensi

Muriel Balensi is a master of Murano traditional glass beading. Born in France, Muriel works and lives in Murano where she sat down with Nadja to discuss manifesting her dream and creating a better world, one bead at...

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