Our founder, Nadja Romain sat down with Larissa Pucci to discuss her company Foulara, a brand that brings new technology, art and craft together, creating a path for a luxury...

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Flavie Audi

French-Lebanese artist Flavie Audi manipulates glass to imagine a utopian speculative geology ...

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"Villa Bambola" by Dana Arbib

« Villa Bambola » is the title of  a new collection of limited collectible glass vessels by Dana Arbib. She has worked within numerous facets of design and has been exploring global crafting...

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"Le Vase Communiquant"

The name? “It just came like a flash,” Audi recalls. Inspired by the novel by Surrealist André Breton Les Vases Communicants, or The Communicating Vessels (1932), a book that had been sitting on...

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Fatto a Murano

Everything I Want presents "Fatto a Murano", a selection of glassware and vases handblown in Murano. The island where glass has been mastered for the past 700 years. Curated by...

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Lucía Vallejo Garay

Lucía Vallejo Garay presents her Venetian solo show "Fragilité" at Palazzo Contarini Polignac from September 4 to November 3, 2021. Curated by Nadja Romain, the exhibition takes place in the...

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Yasmine Helou - A Nation's Inflation

Yasmine Helou, the Venice based curator of Alfred Tarazi's exhibition A Nation's Inflation. The show presents a reflection on Lebanon's financial crisis in relationship to the country Civil War ...

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Ma che piatto!

An experiential dinner to celebrate the Venice Glass Week with Nadja Romain and Alessandra Zoppi. To celebrate the Venice Glass Week please join and share a rare evening with Alessandra...

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