Flavie Audi

Flavie Audi graduated from the Architectural Association and holds an MA from the Royal College of Arts, where she specialized in glass, though her practice has expanded to include mixed media and collaborations. 


Our CEO and Founder, Nadja Romain, first met Flavie in London several years ago. Since then Nadja has been following Flavie’s work closely. Our first collaboration with Flavie “Le Vase Communiquant” reflects her unique approach to forms, colours and movement. Nadja notes that  “Flavie has developed her own vocabulary exploring the geology of glass and questioning its omnipresence in today’s world from architecture to digital devices”.

Tender Erosion 2 — 2020

Flavie Audi questions how we experience a reality whose contours are ever-changing in the digital age. EVERYTHING I WANT contributor Thea Hawlin describes glass as a “mystical material”. She further notes that Flavie blurs the notion between the real and surreal and the tangible and digital “Coaxing the material through differing stages, from solid to liquid to solid, a memory of this fluidity remains bewitchingly ensnared.”.


There is a paradox In Audi’s work between the heavy physicality of glass and the fluidity that Flavie tries to translate in her glass work through abstract shapes, a celestial object and metallic colours, a metaphor of a digital screen.

Fluid Rock 13 — 2016




“Le Vase Communiquant” is a celestial vase hand blown in Murano made especially for EVERYTHING I WANT at the Berengo Studio with the master craftsman Nicola Causin. Flavie worked closely with the Maestro to find the harmony in this very special piece. Nadja assisted with  the production of “Le Vase Communiquant”, 

”This vase is a challenging piece to make as blownglass. The two cylinders and sphere are blown separately and then have to be blown together”. The curvature of the cylinders and the fluid rock suspended between them capture a fleeting and living presence that suggests the vital force connecting us all. The forms caress and graze one another in a tender embrace, it emanates a surreal sensuality. Flavie disrupted the visual norm of a vase  by modifying its shape into a celestial object: ” The cylinder is the most basic container for flowers, and I wanted to play with that and give them that sort of central twist. Flavie noted, “I feel it’s more interesting to do something more ambiguous.”.


Le Vase Communiquant- Pink series  2021


“Le Vase Communiquant Dual Pink-Blue”  is part of the  “Vitrea" exhibition curated by Jean Blanchaert at the Triennale in Milan until August 22nd, 2021. The exhibition showcases a selection of over 60 original works in glass created by 36 artists, artisan/artists and designers, from Italy and abroad, who have a deep and often passionate relationship with Italian glass. To view the exhibition online visit 


“Le Vase Communiquant Dual Pink-Blue” by  Luca Pinotti, 


These limited-edition sculptural vases created by Flavie for EVERYTHING I WANT are now available on our website. They come in 4 different colour series (Black Series, Blue Series, Pink Series, Dual Pink-Blue Series) and 4 different sizes (extra small, small, medium and large). Each piece is unique, they are numbered and delivered with a certificate.


Le Vase Communiquant- Black series  2021



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