Larissa Castellano Pucci is the founder and creative director of Foulara, she is based in her hometown of Florence. The Foulara is a canvas she uses to showcase the realities of her day to day; not just postcard pictures but rather shop typographies, fruit stalls and small details. Larissa dreams of experimenting with multiple canvases that go from paper marbling to virtual reality. Her aim is to merge tradition with technology. Larissa’s two-word twitter bio synthesises it best: “nostalgic technologist”.

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Botticelli - Foulard


Aglio - Foulard


Tomato 001 - Foulard


Zucchine - Foulard


Tomato - Scarf


Caramelle 003 - Tagliatelle


Caramelle 001 - Tagliatelle



Our founder, Nadja Romain sat down with Larissa Pucci to discuss her company Foulara, a brand that brings new technology, art and craft together, creating a path for a luxury...

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