Who we are

Welcome to EVERYTHING I WANT, a platform for visionary artists and craftspeople working to the highest standards of ethics and creativity. Everything offered by EVERYTHING I WANT is handmade and artisan-powered. It represents a harmonious vision of design and execution.  We find beauty and purpose in fashion, home design, self-care, and art.

We believe in low inventory, just in time production, a short supply chain, building to last, buying smarter and sharing the wealth. All creators work according to fair trade standards, and each, in their own way, whether by upcycling and recycling, innovating production methods to reduce energy consumption, or helping endangered artisanal networks survive and thrive, impacts the larger world.

EVERYTHING I WANT stands for the ripple effect as a principle of evolution: the more that conscious creators work to benefit the world around them, the better the world becomes.
Our collaborations go beyond merely commercial purposes, but are deeply informed by individual visions, natural resources and their impacts on the world around them.

Nadja Romain

Our Founder

EVERYTHING I WANT is the result of founder Nadja Romain’s career
spanning art, fashion, curation, luxury and social activism. As a curator and producer, she has collaborated with Ron Arad, Matthew Barney, and Harmony Korine, among many others. Nadja is the founder of Art Action Change, a charity dedicated to educating children in the arts, whose flagship projects are Ilya and Emilia Kabakov’s The Ship of Tolerance, and the WeRtheFuture, a children’s think tank in partnership with Montessori. Also the special advisor to Women for Women UK, a social giving platform, Nadja has put into place valuable networks of creators who work to make the world a better and more beautiful place.


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