EVERYTHING I WANT is proud to present “The IN-visible Show”, an episodic digital exhibition showcasing our made in Venice Favourites. 

In today’s world creating pieces of the highest quality, with the purest materials, crafted by the dedication of practiced hands is a challenge. Objects are emotional, and highly skilled craft manifests this magical connection as the gestures and intellectual thinking behind each item nourishes our minds and spirits.

"The IN-visible Show" is our curation of Venetian voices and international talents who find inspiration collaborating with master artisans from the lagoon. 

A reflection of Nadja  Romain's encounters and relationships, the exhibition makes visible the element of alchemy that go into creative craft as we uncover the intimate stories behind them; stories filled with passion, guided by tradition, innovation, and slow production.

As a Venice headquartered company EVERYTHING I WANT has a mission to preserve traditional savoir-faire, and a purpose to champion their evolution, fostering sustainability and unexpected collaborations.

 Venice is unique, an expression of humanity's capacity to manifest our dreams against all odds. Supporting this common heritage involves restoring and preserving the city – its architecture, its exceptional natural environment – but also its immaterial heritage: the spirit of Venetians themselves. 

Though difficult, this time presents an opportunity for Venice to redefine itself.
Join us on an exclusive journey to support artists and artisans throughout the lagoon, a voyage where the unseen is finally made visible.



Venice based artist Irene Cattaneo started her career working for luxury brands in Milan, London and New York. She completed an M.A in Design Management at Central Saint Martins in London. She is a traveler, having moved many times growing up, always submerged in an international environment. This informs her insatiable curiosity, extreme versatility and eclectic style. Irene creates poetic sculptures that play with the notion of the very nature of objects. As pure art work to be enjoyed versus functional pieces.

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