Larissa Castellano Pucci is the founder and creative director of Foulara, she is based in her hometown of Florence. The Foulara is a canvas she uses to showcase the realities of her day to day; not just postcard pictures but rather shop typographies, fruit stalls and small details. Larissa dreams of experimenting with multiple canvases that go from paper marbling to virtual reality. Her aim is to merge tradition with technology. Larissa’s two-word twitter bio synthesises it best: “nostalgic technologist”.

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Agne Kucerenkaite

Agne Kucerenkaite is a material and product designer, based in the Netherlands. Her design process is characterized by in-depth research, experimental approach and hands-on practice, motivated by historical and sociocultural contexts. Agne analyses industrial waste from diverse sources and adapts it across ceramics, glass, textiles or creates completely new materials. One outcome is limited-edition hand-made homeware collections. Products are functional, aesthetically pleasing and designed for greater longevity.

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Tarek Shamma

London-based architect Tarek Shamma started his career under Zaha Hadid and David Chipperfield, and has gone on to design and build concept stores, retail spaces and private residences across Europe. His frequent collaborators include Christian Louboutin, for whom Shamma has created both boutiques, elaborate retail displays and showstopping home spaces. His sense of geometry, seamless lines and graphic purity reflect his Egyptian heritage, projected outwards onto a world of aesthetic possibility. 

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Mola Sasa

Yasmin Sabet creates unique handcrafted pieces to infuse the perfect amount of freshness and sophistication into the wardrobe of the contemporary woman, aiming at bridging the gap between tradition and progress. Mola Sasa collaborates directly with various indigenous communities of Colombia to translate their own traditional art forms and crafts into unparalleled accessory collections defined by a distinctive blending of techniques, colors, textures and materials. Whether offering appliqué textiles, jewelry or weaving from the Kuna community, the Chimichauga people, the Kanukamo or the Zenú, over eighty families have benefitted from this initiative, both financially and with job training. 

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Marco Mencacci

Italian-born and Paris-based Marco Mencacci is a multidisciplinary and polyhedric architect and artist. He has an impressively rich background, ranging from interior design, home decor to theatre and television scenography. Mencacci’s works with Murano glass are driven by an intimate understanding of the material, whose sensual vertigo of shapes guides him to create animated, organic and lively pieces. His oeuvre has been presented and exhibited at prestigious international cultural institutions such as the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Corning Museum of Glass in New York City and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rochechouart. He has partnered with Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Barovier & Toso and Maison Bernardaud for numerous eclectic creations and collections.

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Muriel Balensi

Muriel Balensi is a French born and Venice based artist. She felt called to Murano and to work with glass. Glass is a source of inspiration, escape and discovery for her. She has created a particular style of bead making consisting of arabesques, calligraphy, micro worlds and aquariums of dreams. Muriel and her work are considered part of "The Art of Venetian Glass Beads", a practice that comes under the Immaterial Heritage classification granted by UNESCO in January 2021.
Under this classification the knowledge know how and the artisans who work in this way are recognized and protected by UNESCO.

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Everything I Want x Flavie Audi

French-Lebanese artist Flavie Audi manipulates glass to imagine a utopian speculative geology. For Audi, glass, omnipresent in our technical present, signifies the tension between the tangible and virtual. Audi questions how we experience a reality whose contours are ever-changing in the digital age. Audi graduated from the architectural association and holds a MA from the Royal College of Arts, where she specialized in glass, though her practice has expanded to include mixed media and collaborations. Her sculpture has been exhibited widely in the world (Venus Over Manhattan, Nilufar Gallery, Tristan Hoare, Corning museum of glass, to name a few).

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Enrica Borghi

Born in Verbania, near the Swiss border, and today based in the hills of Lake Orta, Enrica Borghi is an installation artist and jewelry designer. Borghi reclaims the detritus of everyday life—candy wrappers, soda bottles, grocery bags—to interpellate domestic and feminine spaces toward an ecological end. Active since the early 1990s, she is a leading figure in contemporary Italian art and design. A seeker of treasures, whether rare or mundane in their origin, she transforms base materials like an alchemist into objects of unique beauty. 

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Emily Orta

Emily Orta is an emerging Franco-British designer with a deep passion for artisan craftsmanship. She is currently experimenting with analogue photography and ceramics and has developed a unique personal language with an emphasis on the process of making. Her desire is to test the technical boundaries of these disciplines through image making, sculpting, and materiality.

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Nzuri Textile

The Nigerian designer Eno Jonah has a peripatetic history, having spent years living in Uganda, and traveling in Latin America, Asia, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. With a passion for the textile tradition of her native country, which dates back centuries, Jonah has gone on to absorb techniques from all over the world, and establish networks of weavers which she engages to produce her designs.

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Marko Matysik

A figurehead of the sustainable fashion revolution, Marko Matysik is a polymath: a designer, an art director, a writer, a stylist, and an illustrator. His signature belts have been worn across the globe by fashionistas including Madonna, Daphne Guinness and Karl Lagerfeld. A labor of love, the upcycled, one-of-kind pieces feature vintage textiles, antique buckles, semi precious stone. Marko works with master artisans in the U.K., from Queen Elizabeth’s belt maker to a metalsmith who has revived lost techniques like medieval silversmithing.

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Everything I Want X Laguna B

Everything I Want has created our own “Made in Murano” glassware collection, designed by Nadja and Philippe Romain and produced in collaboration with Laguna B a Venice-based company spearheading the revival of Murano as a center of artistic innovation. Together, we share values and beliefs on the positive impact of our products on society and environment. Laguna B offset its carbon footprint and is engage in the preservation and restoration of the Venetian lagoon.

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Chiara Dynys

Based in Milan, Chiara Dynys is an artist who plays on notions of the divine. Working in eclectic mixed media, from glass to mirrors to fabric, as well as video and light, painting and collage, Dynys sanctifies her materials. Her jewellery is conceptually a miniature of her fine art, in the sense that the two forms share the same central problematic: how to make meaning from an anomaly, how to leap from the quotidian to sublime.

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Irene Cattaneo

Venice based artist Irene Cattaneo started her career working for luxury brands in Milan, London and New York. She completed an M.A in Design Management at Central Saint Martins in London. She is a traveler, having moved many times growing up, always submerged in an international environment. This informs her insatiable curiosity, extreme versatility and eclectic style. Irene creates poetic sculptures that play with the notion of the very nature of objects. As pure art work to be enjoyed versus functional pieces.

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Isabelle Hayman

Isabelle Hayman is a French artist based in London. She trained as a textile designer at the ESAA Duperre Paris and holds a Master of Fine Arts from in Paris. Her work can be viewed primarily through the lens of her Botanical Series and Portraits of Varied Femininity. Different eras and textures are typically liberally juxtaposed in a maximalist aesthetic. She has exhibited at Compton Verney and Paul Smith. Her work is included in The Royal Academy Summer Show 2021.

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Margarita Cojuangco was born in the Philippines and studied accessories design in Italy. Demetria is her line of timeless, impeccably constructed handbags, which she has made in small Florence ateliers. In collaboration with Filip+Inna, a company that commissions weaving, embroidery and beadwork from various indigenous groups in the Philippines, and the independent, Manila-based concept store Idée, Demetria has created a limited collection of 50 one-of-a-kind handbags. Adorned with exceptional work from the T’boli, Mangyan and Tausug people, who hail from the southernmost edge of the Philippines, each piece is a complete expression of two different creative paths, European luxury and exceptional traditional skill.

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Francesca Bristol

Francesca was born, lives and works in Gaucín, Andalucía, in a studio nestled inside Europe’s largest cork forest, teeming with animals and birds. Her work is esoterically inclined, fashioned out of materials sourced with care and consideration. All of her pieces are handmade and one of a kind. Proceeds from their sale benefit a number of charities she supports, including All Creatures Great and Small, a non-profit animal sanctuary near New Delhi, India.

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Founded in 2014, Pramma is a fusion of the designer’s Northern Italian heritage with the global perspective of a naturalised New Yorker. Over the past two decades, Stefania has honed her design skills by working collaboratively on accessory ranges for a number of luxury brands in Europe, Asia and the US, thus ensuring that her own collection marries practicality with a sense of the exquisite. Combining the best Italian and French materials, each piece is designed with longevity foremost in mind. Every style reflects an aspect of Stefania’s own creative and intellectual journey.

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Jonathan Ward

Jonathan Ward hand pours his candles out of a proprietary blend of organic materials: coconut oil, beeswax and vegetable wax. Double wicks made out of cotton are dipped to avoid the glues that often result in a brackish burn and black residue. Due to the care in their execution, Ward’s candles can burn continuously, safely, up to 45 hours. They are packaged in heavy whisky tumblers sourced from Italy, perfect for reuse. Fragrances are varied, ranging from penetrating to delicate, using high quality botanicals and essential oils.

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