Our team offers a range of services through a highly experienced and exclusive network of talented individuals. We work with you to define your needs and everything you want. Our clients include luxury retailers, hotels, spas, individual designers, artists, brands and private clients. 

EIW Services, including Bespoke are offered in line with our values and mission. We endeavour to source art and objects locally where possible. Our networks are working with traditional craft techniques and materials from their locale. Their work often expresses and reflects the issues, culture and history of their respective environments. 


EVERYTHING I WANT Services include the following: 

    • Art advisory, acquisition and installation for public, private and commercial spaces. 

    • Curation services, for art and objects. As well as for retail spaces

    • Furniture, homewear and glassware, including bespoke.

    • Artisanal process around clean materials and technology
    • We partner with organisations to offer access to exclusive experiences in Venice for individuals or small groups who are interested in art, design, glass, gastronomy, biodiversity. Day and evening agendas available.  


Bespoke Service

An object is the manifestation of a thought. Everything I Want specializes in offering one of a kind pieces, which blend at the nexus between art and craft. We relish manifesting objects in partnership with our clients. From conception and design through to the research of materials, including the reduction of waste and toxins, to energy efficient ways of production. We believe slow is the way, a lifestyle, in fashion, in food, in design and beyond. Passion and beauty guide Everything I Want, we create with awareness, consciousness, and accountability. We take the time and care necessary to understand the thoughts of our clients and help them manifest beautiful objects through a unique and bespoke experience, via our exclusive and global network of creators. 

Everything I Want works with clients to curate their dream spaces and places, through the sourcing of objects, furniture and art. Please get in touch to discuss our bespoke and/or our curation services.  


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