Nadja Romain's charitable non-profit is called Art Action Change, created to research and support current thinking on how culture and the arts can play a pivotal role in redefining human societies. Art Action Change uses the power of art to drive positive social impact and dialogue within the education, health, migration and environmental sectors. Our projects aim to cultivate democratic dialogue in an effort to resolve the most pressing issues of society. Art Action Change brings together artists, thinkers, scientists, social workers and philanthropists to act and foster solutions for our future. Our approach is holistic and intersectional so that these subjects are addressed in relation to each other. 


 The Ship of Tolerance 

The Ship of Tolerance is an art project created by leading contemporary artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov to build bridges and foster dialogue between cultures. Since 2006 the project has been built in different locations around the globe. In September 2019, The Kabakov Foundation and Art Action Change brought The Ship of Tolerance to London, where it was unveiled on the river as the center piece art installation of Totally Thames 2019. Nadja continues to be involved with this project and will produce the ship in other cities in the future. 



WeaRtheFuture provides a platform for children and world leading experts to interact, to learn from  one another and to collaborate on current and future global issues. We collaborate with Montessori UK on this project. WeaRtheFuture is a two-day event consisting of workshops, lectures, music and/ or screenings, finishing with an open forum discussion. The workshops are designed for children and adults to interact and discuss ideas, free from conventional thinking and preconceptions. The sessions use a variety of tools such as mindfulness, movement, music and visual arts to allow creativity to thrive. The open forum creates an environment for workable solutions to arise and be discussed with a wider audience. 


The Art Action Change website, with more details on all of our projects and collaborations, is coming soon. If you are interested in collaborating on any of our projects or want to know more about them please  get in touch. We are happy to explore new projects and collaborations in any of the following areas: migration, mental health and wellbeing, access to resources, technology, conservation and biodiversity.

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