Fatto a Murano

Everything I Want presents "Fatto a Murano", a selection of glassware and vases handblown in Murano. The island where glass has been mastered for the past 700 years. Curated by the company founder Nadja Romain and hosted by boutique hotel Il Palazzo Experimental, these curated shelves pay tribute to the uniqueness and magic of Murano glass. Offering visitors and guests an opportunity to admire the variety of today's Murano glass and the diversity it inspires. "Fatto a Murano" includes works by Dana Arib, Marco Mencacci, Maria Grazia Rosin and Everything I Want X LagunaB

Dana Arbib lives in New York, a Parsons School of design graduate she has been exploring global crafting techniques for over 10 years. Last year Arbib embarked on a new project in Murano. Her current collection of glass vessels is named "Villa Bambola" after her father's Libyan home of which little documentation remains. The colors of Italy, the shapes of North African heirlooms and the aesthetic that encompassed her upbringing have influenced this new collection.

Everything I Want x Laguna B glassware collection. The collection was designed by Nadja and Philippe Romain in Paris, during the first lockdown. It evolved out of a desire to create simple shapes and radiant colours, dreaming of the time where joyful moments of celebration with friends would return. The result is a collection of full bloom glassware made using the Incamiciato technique in collaboration with Venice based company Laguna B.

Maria Grazia Rosin lives and works in Venice. She studied under the guidance of Emilio Vedova at the Academy of Fine arts in Venice, where she graduated in 1983. In 1992, she began collaborating with the Master Glass Blowers in Murano, producing her first artworks in glass. This experience led her to broaden the visionary bi-dimensional concepts she had explored in her large scale paintings and embrace the three-dimensional potential that glass offered. Today, glass is the focus of her uniquely probing experimentation. "Gioze" is a new collection of glassware created to celebrate the Venice Glass Week and is presented for the first time.

Italian-born and Paris-based Marco Mencacci is a polyhedric architect and artist. He has a rich background, ranging from interior design, home decor to theatre and television scenography. Mencacci's works with Murano glass are driven by an intimate understanding of the material, whose sensual vertigo of shapes guides him to create animated, organic and lively pieces. "The Boomerang Twid" presented here in three colours is a unique vase designed by Mencacci and realized in Murano by master glassmaker Andrea Zilio, a passionate guardian of the traditional Venetian techniques. Relying on this century-old expertise, Mencacci can transform the material of glass into plasma, evoking the living world of the abyss, tribal rituals, the reflections of oil or latex, the transparencies of sea creatures and the pearliness of shells.


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