Irene Cattaneo

Say it out Cloud

Small Midnight Blue
Medium Midnight blue
Technique: Mirrored and Iridescent Murano blown glass with incised or sanded reflections.
Material: Murano Glass. 
Small size:  25 cm long 16 cm wide
Medium size: 28 cm long 18 cm wide 
Large size: The clouds can be ordered up to 48 cm long 
Weight: 1700-2000 gr 
Current colours: ruby/ white iridescent/ midnight blue/ yellow/ baby pink/ crystal
Made to order: sky blue/ aquamarine/ ametista/ alessandrite/ black

The collection “Say it out Cloud”, is made of celestial objects whose beauty is rooted in an unexpected interplay between iridescence, reflections and organic forms. Just as clouds are the sky’s thoughts, Irene’s poetic sculptures can carry personal messages or can also be left naked, speechless. These pieces are the manifestation of a process which embraces the boundless colors, shapes and dimensions inherent to the sky. 

Each piece is unique, comes in a variety of colours, and can be engraved with words of your choice. Thanks to the image created by the clouds, your words can be interpreted as the sky's thoughts, passengers in our mind, that can be moody or happy, light or stormy as the true nature of the clouds. Your chosen words can be typography, bold font or handwritten by the artist. 

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