Muriel balensi

Glass Egg N.5


Material: Glass
Color: pink, turquoise, black, and gold
Care: Use soft fabric to remove dust.
Size: 13x9 cm
Lead time: Currently available

Muriel Balensi is a French born artist who is based in Venice.  She uses a technique that dates from the 19th century: she layers glass, colour and light and imbues each piece with conscious energy.  
The work that Muriel does is considered part of "The Art of Venetian Glass Beads", a practice that comes under the Immaterial Heritage classification granted by UNESCO in January 2021.

A story of love, the eggs are made together with her partner Giovanni Nicola. 
The Glass Egg is a hand sculpted unique piece with Murano Glass using the “Perle Sommerso” technique, which consists of submerging colored beads to create a multi layered effect.


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