Marko Matysik had created a belt collection, unlike any other. Made consciously by hand in London and inspired by the exquisite craftsmanship of each unique belt buckle. They are made by sourcing antique and vintage haberdasheries such as ancient buckles that he then 'match-makes' them with 15th to 18th-century ribbons, recycled dresses precious fabrics, embroidery and leather/suede by harmonising each chosen piece into, ravishing belts. Marko's work is collected and treasured by mindful Haute Couture private clients, designers and celebrities globally. 

The belts are made by the Queen's belt maker Carol Craves-Johnson from Cingular in Stockwell who has a charming workroom where the magic happens, here we create one of a kind belts.

This waisted belt and has an early Victorian turquoise cabochon oval buckle with antique oval flower embroidered windows on a pink suede belt strap
Material: turquoise with base metal; antique silk embroidery; Peccary suede
Colour: almond pink
Care: use steam to clean suede but keep away from embroidery, use a solution cloth for the turquoise
Size: 73 cm -79 cm

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