Incamiciato tumblers set of 6

set of 6

Everything I Want has created our own “Made in Murano” glassware collection with Laguna B, a Venice-based company spearheading the revival of Murano as a center of artistic innovation. Everything I Want and Laguna B shares values and beliefs on the positive impacts on the preservation and restoration of the Venetian lagoon. 

A subtle yet vibrant color result comes from a traditional technique named Incamiciato, layering different colors of glass to create a strong visual impact, contrasting with the transparent base.

Material:  Handblown glass
Blue, amethyst black, blue base
Blue, amethyst black, amethyst black base
Green, black, green base
Green, black, black base
Red, blue, red base
Red, blue, blue base
Care:  Hand wash in warm water with gentle soap.
Size: d: 7,5cm h: 11cm
Lead time: 4 – 6 weeks.

For any questions about the product, prices and/or shipping please email us at concierge@everything-iwant.com or call +44 7557 968 304