Gold Necklace - Topaz


Material: 18k gold and topaz
Color: Yellow gold and topaz. 
Care: Store separately in tissue or a velvet bag
Size: 32 cm total length is comprised of a 24 cm gold chain with 15 cm x 20 cm, 20 cm x 25 cm and 25 cm x 30 cm stones.
Lead time: 5-7 days, longer if customized
This necklace is handmade in Italy.

Chiara Dynys's jewelry is conceptually a miniature of her fine art, in the sense that the two forms share the same central problematic: how to make meaning from an anomaly, how to leap from the quotidian to sublime.

This Piece Unique of wearable art is presented with topaz and can be made to order with rubies, aquamarine and emeralds (price upon request). 


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